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Indigo Dream E Liquid

Haven’t we all had one of those dreams? Those smooth, not quite lucid dreams that push our subconscious to the brink? You know what we mean, those brilliant dreams where we can do anything, where we’re stuck in a world that has no limits save the ones that we create. Those dazzling dreams that fill us with a euphoric joy because we know that, in them, anything is possible.  


We aren’t quite promising all of that with our Indigo Dream E Liquid, but we’re saying it’s a pretty fine choice. It’s made of a tasty blue raspberry missed with just the right amount of Koolada in order to provide a fantastic, icy feeling to your vape. So settle back, and enjoy your next indigo dream. 

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  • These liquids may contain nicotine 
  • Not recommend for those sensitive to those products
  • Can be harmful if swallowed 
  • Keep out the reach of children and pets

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