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The Tesla

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  • Tesla Ecig
  • Tesla Ecig
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  1. Love my Tesla...but...

    Posted by DoctorRon on 15th Apr 2014

    This is a very good mod. It is made of aluminum billet and anodized (mine black). It feels sturdy, nice in the hand, and substantial.

    My ONLY complaint is one that EVERY person who owns this product has: every now and then, it will act as if the activation button has been pressed 5 times and the display reads "System: Off." When this happens you must simply turn it back on...all settings are maintained. It's annoying but I can live with it.

    Having a 2000mAH battery rocks...it can't drive high voltage loads like the Vamo but it has no problems with my Protanks or Varis. It'll push a 2.2 ohm coil all day no prob.

    All in all, a good product but for a tiny software flaw. I'm sure that it will be fixed in the next revision.

  2. Great with one flaw.

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Nov 2013

    The mod is great easy to use with its 3 button interface, vapes wonderful and adjusts to my many Clearomizers sizes shapes and resistances.

    However if you are a little rough with it such as i am on all things, and you have a 510 tank such as a protank II you can dislodge the the little piece where you thread into from the body of the mod, it was a simple fix just push it back in (with some force) but it does wiggle a bit still (i solidify the wiggle with a tad bit of epoxy.)

  3. Quality

    Posted by Jasper on 31st Aug 2013

    My friend actually recommended the Tesla Ecig to me after I broke my last one. It looked impressive in the photo but after receiving it, I was even more impressed. It's a sturdy little unit that has obviously been well made - unlike other flimsy varieties I have tried.

    It's incredibly easy to use and the battery also lasts a lot longer than I expected. I wish I had found the Tesla years ago before I wasted my time and money on the inferior brands. I would definitely recommend it!

  4. Heavy Duty

    Posted by Tony B. on 30th Aug 2013

    This thing is hard core. It's even bigger than the pictures make it look. The body is like billet, I really like the way it's shaped, it fits my hand good. The screen is really bright and easy to read. I don't think there is anyway to break it.


Product Description

The Tesla has a bright OLED screen that is always easy to read!

It is built well, works well and is defintely worth owning!

It has an ergonomically slotted tube and slotted connector base,
You can use eGo- 510 style clearomizers/ atomizers/ cartomizers. ect.

The Tesla ecig fits perfectly in the hand, is light weight, and very easy to operate.

The Tesla  ecig suits any seasoned vaper or makes a great beginners device.

What you get in this Tesla Variable Voltage/Wattage ecig

1- Tesla ecig body

2- 18650 Rechargeable Battery

1- 18650 Charger 

1- Users Guide

 The Tesla Varible Voltage/Wattage Functions and Features:

1.  Constant voltage and Constant wattage(dual mode output). In constant voltage mode, the output voltage can be adjusted between 3v and 6v in increments of 0,1v. In constant wattage mode, the output power can be adjusted between 3.0w and 15.0w in 0.5w increments.

2. Single cell 3.7v battery input operational voltage is 3.2v to 5.0v

3. Button adjustments allow you to choose between 25 possible wattage settings and 31 possible voltage setting.

4. Atomizer resistance check function. which will test and display the resistance of the atomizer in ohm's.

5. OLED display, always bright even in direct daylight.

6. Shot circuit protection, and reverse polarity protection. If the battery is put in backwards or your atomizer shorts the Tesla will shut off to prevent damage. 

7. Low voltage warning. The Tesla will display 'Low V' if the battery is under charged.

The Tesla will also detect if the attached atomizer resistance is too low to safely draw current and disengage output automatically.


User Operation:

To turn the Tesla on. Use five quick clicks of the activation button. 

Upon the Tesla's systems start up, the screen will boot up with the word 'Tesla' then 'System on' in the display. If the battery is too low the boot display will be 'Low V'.

During the boot sequence of this device, do not attempt to operate any functions. Allow the device to boot up completely before use.

Upon first turning the system on, the output will be in a 'locked' state, press and hold the - and + buttons at the same time to switch the unit into an unlocked state, then you'll be able to adjust operations.

The large button is your activation button.

To toggle the device between on or off, you need to fast click the activation button five times.

The - (minus) button is the voltage and wattage reduction button. Pressing -, will adjust the current value of either voltage or wattage down as displayed onscreen.

When the unit is adjusted below 3.0v, or 3.0w, it will cycle back to the highest setting. (6.0v or 15w)

The + (plus) button is the voltage and wattage increase button. Pressing + will adjust the current value of either voltage or wattage up.

When the unit is adjusted above 6.0v or 15w, it will cycle back to the lowest setting. (3.0v or 3.0w)

To check the battery voltage, hold the - button down for two full seconds while the OLED displays the voltage reading.

To check the atomizer resistance, hold the + button down for a full two seconds while the OLED screen displays the atomizer reading.

To toggle the device between 'locked' and 'unlocked', press and hold the - and + buttons at the same time.

To access the Tesla menu, hold the + button for eight seconds.The menu interface will allow you to adjust three Tesla settings.

1- When the interface displays 'Power Voltage'. you can use this menu option to change between 'Constant wattage' and 'Constant voltage' mode for the device.

Pressing the - button will switch between the two options.

2. When the OLED interface shows the word 'Power' the unit will be set in constant wattage mode, and will regulate itself via calculated wattage output.

When the interface shows the word 'Voltage' the unit will be set in constant voltage mode, and will regulate itself via output voltage.

3. When the Tesla interface displays the word 'LCD Display', you can use this setting to adjudt the content displayed on the OLED screen during use.

Pressing the - button will switch between the menu options.

4. The menu setting 'Voltage', will display the output voltage or wattage of the Tesla on the screen during use.

5. The menu setting 'Resistance', will display the ohm resistance of the atomizer during use.

6. The setting 'Battery', will display the current output voltage of the battery you are using on the OLED screen during use.

7. The final menu option 'On/Off' will toggle the OLED display on the Tesla to either active or inactive during the use of the device.

As with the other menu options, you can use the - button to toggle between the different settings.

In the menu mode, the + button is used for cycling menu categories, and the - button is used to confirm the setting. Using these two buttons, you will be able to navigate the Tesla menu. The menu navigation will exit after no buttons have been pressed for about three seconds.

8. When the system powers down via the fast click (5 click) function, the OLED will display the word Tesla and upon succesful shut down will display 'System off'.

9. When an atomizer is attached with a resistance lower than 1.2 ohm, the Tesla will display 'Low Resistance', and cease function until an appropriately built atomizer is connected.

10. When an output short is detected the screen will display the words 'Short'.

11. When the battery voltage is below 3.2v, the unit will display  'Low V' on the screen. The unit will resume normal function when a fully charged battery is installed.