Age Verification Process



Age Verification Process


Please check your E-mail!

If the third party age verification company, Veratad, cannot verify that you are of legal age to vape, you will be sent an email from ""

Step 2.

We need a legible picture of your I.D. and a picture of your face while holding your I.D. where both your face and I.D. are visible.

Moreover, we need a photo of your I.D. that has your D.O.B. (Date of Birth). MUST be visible.

Step 3.

Good to Vape!!!!!!!! 


*Your photo I.D. must be a legal I.D. that has D.O.B.

*We are based on each state's legal age of smoking.

*Your name will be white-listed.

*Any copy of your photo will be discarded


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