​ Saying Vaping is as bad as Smoking is Medical Malpractice

Posted by Michael Ross on 1 Apr 2016

​ Saying Vaping is as bad as Smoking is Medical Malpractice

Margaret Cuomo is a celebrity doctor who claims that vaping increases the chances of developing lung cancer. She discourages smokers from switching to e-cigarettes. In her book, A World without Cancer, the radiologist talks about the hazards of e-cigarettes. In a Huffington post video, the celebrity doctor said,"e-cigarettes will raise your risk of lung cancer but also other cancers, like liver cancer." The video was later retracted after a journalist questioned the statement.

However, an edited version of the video was released, and Cuomo equated e-cigarettes with tobacco cigarettes. The cancer claim was omitted in this video. Cuomo claims that the e-cigarettes are not safer than standard tobacco cigarettes.

The statement from Cuomo raised several questions from other physicians who disagreed with the radiologist. E-cigarettes do not contain tobacco, and nothing is burnt like the case of tobacco cigarettes. They do not produce the chemicals found in cigarette smoke since they do not have tobacco in them. The harmful chemical substances found in normal cigarettes are not in e-cigarettes, and those that are present are at very low levels.

An England Health Report stated that most of the chemicals that cause smoking related infections were not present in e-cigarettes and the ones that are there are at very low levels that do not pose a threat to the health of the smoker. That means vaping is 95% safer than smoking actual cigarettes. There is no scientific evidence that supports Cuomo's claim that vaping poses the same health threats as smoking. Unless she can produce proof of her claim, Cuomo is speaking out of sheer ignorance.

E-cigarettes are considered to be safer than conventional cigarettes due to the non-harmful ingredients in the e-liquids. Doctors are even recommending that smokers switch to E-cigarettes since they produce less harmful chemicals compared to traditional cigarettes. Cuomo's statement is attempting to misinform people who would believe her word since she is a celebrity and also an expert in the field. However, she proves that the internet is full of people who will post all sorts of information without conducting the proper research.