One Down: Another Regulatory Threat to the Vaping Industry is Shut Down

Posted by Michael Ross on 21 Apr 2016

One Down: Another Regulatory Threat to the Vaping Industry is Shut Down


The vaping community gets a break through after a congressional committee passed an amendment against the proposed FDA regulations! That could save the industry from pending federal regulations.

The FDA proposed a regulation that would see a number of products like electronic cigarettes and cigars grouped as tobacco products, and controlled by its tobacco regulations. Although the official regulations are expected to be released later, the vaping community had already expressed their displeasure with the proposed regulation released two years ago: which might influence the final ruling. The organization stated that any vaping product that was not in the market by February 15, 2007 would go through a costly and lengthy application process. This statement was a threat to the vaping world, because most electronic cigarette companies are new and released their products in the market later than the set date.

Vaping companies see looming regulation as a plot formulated by big tobacco companies that want to eliminate electronic cigarette companies as their competition. Their logic is this- why would the FDA set up stringent regulations for vape products, and fail to do the same for tobacco companies?

This week, the congressional committee on appropriation approved the amendment to the Agriculture Bill that would step closer to eliminating a regulatory threat: costly and lengthy application process for products that were not in the market by February 15, 2007. The amendment included requirements like labels on vape products that prohibited kids and teenagers from using electronic cigarettes. For instance, there‚Äôs the regulation that e-liquid package should include childproof safety features so as not to allow children to access it. It also bans the sale of electronic cigarettes through any advertising and vending machines.

Although there are a lot of concerns among the public health officials and antismoking advocates about vaping among young adults and teens, the rate of smoking has gone down considerably in American schools. Based on the recent statistics in the U.S., electronic cigarettes have helped many kick the habit of smoking traditional cigarettes, and there is no hard evidence proving that it's harmful to our health. However, keeping the products from the hands of teens and young adults is a contentious issue.

Approving the amendment is a positive step, but the bill will have to pass the house of congress and senate before the FDA's set date is changed.