Pro-vaping Congressman Doesn't Vape

Posted by Michael Ross on 30 Mar 2016

Pro-vaping Congressman Doesn't Vape


The vaping industry is quickly gaining popularity. However, with the popularity also comes an increase in the number of opposition parties. Most of the opposition come from people who do not have knowledge concerning the products. An example of opposition in the vaping industry is the proposed new regulations from the Food and Drug Administration. 

The FDA have been trying to regulate e-cigarettes and other vape devices. They want to add them to their list of controlled tobacco products. The proposal being made by the FDA involves having warning labels on the products and restricting the sale to minors. It also includes a restrictive grandfathering date to meet the new regulations that would force many vendors out of business due to the costly application process. The grandfathering date is for all vaping products that have come into the market after February 15, 2007.

However, a hero emerged in the form of Congressman Tom Cole. Tom Cole has been trying to push a bill that would remove the date given by the FDA. The Vape manufacturers would still have to follow the FDA regulations. Cole's bill has put him in the spotlight in the vaping industry. Cole is trying to push the bill to save the vaping industry from harsh regulations.

The Congressman is a fan of cigars. However, he does not take part in vaping or use any vaping products. He argues that though the regulations are necessary, the FDA regulations on vaping seem to have a more dangerous impact on the industry. If the FDA proposal passes, it could lead to the loss of revenue in the sector and a lot of people would lose their source of income. Vaping is not dangerous, and the FDA regulations will only lead to the industry failing since most vendors will not keep up with the cost involved in the process.

Cole also advises those who are in the vaping industry to contact their representatives and make them informed of their situation. The bill comes as supporters and politicians wait for the final regulations to come out. However, there is still hope in the Cole Bill that the Congressman is trying to push.