Vapers Gives Way to Vaping Culture

Posted by Michael Ross on 22 Apr 2016

Vapers Gives Way to Vaping Culture


Welcome to the Vape World

Whether you got into vaping as a way to quit smoking, or you got into vaping as a way to unwind– the vape scene's doors are wide open and welcome.The variety in the vape culture is vast. If music is your thing, and vaping is your thing – there's a festival for that. If you're a social media junkie that posts updates with a vape in your hand – there's a hashtag for that. From Vape Jam UK and Cloud Chasing - the mix tape, to the popular #girlsthathype – those familiar sweet-tasting vape clouds can float you into whatever it is you're feeling. 

Vaping as an Art Form

One thing that all vape-enthusiasts share in common is their appreciation for choice and creativity when selecting e-liquids.

All vapists are artists, and vaping itself is the art form.

Mixing vape flavors like banana, peanut butter, and bacon together to make the delicious "Elvis," is similar to an artist mixing paint colors on a canvas to create a pretty masterpiece. Like any artist, there's also the competitive part of the art, best exemplified through the game that measures girth and distance of vape drags; the biggest and farthest vape-blower is crowned the greatest Cloud Chaser,and the other competitors strive for a better chance at cloud chasing next time.

The Culture of Fandom

YouTube star Black Vapes now attracts up to 30,000 views which attests to the growing fandom and appreciation vaping has garnered. Like Trekkies, comic book, or anime fans, vaping itself has become so popular that similar-styled conventions are popping up around the globe. Vape Meets are a place for enthusiasts to try new flavors and swap tips and gadgets with each other. One of the most expensive vape models reported out there is the Otto Carter Engraved 22 Tribal, priced for a whopping $3000; a luxury vape purchase for any collector or smoke-hobbyist.

With a younger crowd now legally allowed to get into vaping and vape culture – an even stronger fan base is emerging; this is leading to greater diversity in flavor and gadgets in order to suit a multitude of preferences and taste.