Vaping Age Raise May Actually Increase Teen Smoking

Posted by Michael Ross on 29 Mar 2016

Vaping Age Raise May Actually Increase Teen Smoking


A study conducted showed that the age raise on vaping may lead to an increase in the number of smoking teens. The study was carried out by the University of Michigan and the results published in the journal, Preventive Medicine on March 10.

E-cigarettes are becoming more popular with teens and adolescents. The reason behind this is mainly because they contain less harmful substances than conventional cigarettes and often feature sweet smelling or tasting e-liquids that make it much more appealing than traditional smoking, which leaves a disagreeable smell wherever it hits. They are the better substitutes to tobacco products that smokers should opt for when the craving strikes, often helping many smokers find a much more satisfying and effective way of kicking the harmful smoking habit.

Many states have begun implementing age restrictions when it comes to purchasing e-cigarettes. The research was conducted to find out if the electronic nicotine devices were used as substitutes for other substances. The results were counterintuitive; it showed that with an age restriction on vaping, there was actually a rise in teens smoking. The conclusion made was that teens used vaping as a substitute for other kinds of smoking. Imposing age restrictions will only increase the chances of more teens engaging in conventional smoking and smoking other substances like marijuana that pose more negative effects than vaping.

Adolescents who live in states that do not restrict the age of e-cigarette users were seen to be more willing to quit tobacco smoking compared to those who live in states where they are not allowed to purchase the devices. Also, states that restricted the age of those who can access e-cigarettes found that the teens were more likely to turn to other substances that pose a larger health risk than those in states that did not impose age restrictions.

The study was concluded by the authors saying that it was better for states to impose age restrictions on traditional cigarettes and not on e-cigarettes. The result will be a reduction in the number of teen smokers. Also, teens will not turn to other harmful substances vaping will provide a better substitute.