British Doctors Recommend Vaping Over Smoking

Posted by Michael Ross on 25 May 2016

British Doctors Recommend Vaping Over Smoking

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Meanwhile, Across the Atlantic Ocean

Recently, the FDA announced its intentions to institute strict rules when it comes to e-cigarettes as well as e-cigarette-related products. However, it is interesting to note that some countries seem to be moving in a different direction, with an excellent example being the United Kingdom across the Atlantic Ocean.

In short, the Royal College of Physicians has made an official recommendation that smokers should switch over to e-cigarettes from their current method of getting nicotine. This is important news with enormous implications because said organization is one of the most respected professional bodies in the United Kingdom, seeing as how it is responsible for the accreditation of physicians throughout the country. As a result, when it speaks, every single one of its words carries with it the weight of authority. Something that might come as welcome reassurance to e-cigarette users who have been shaken by recent news.

Why Did the Royal College of Physicians Make the Recommendation?

The reasoning of the Royal College of Physicians was remarkably simple and straightforward. It pointed out the dangers of smoking, which is one of the biggest killers in not just the United Kingdom but also the United States, before pointing out that recent studies suggest that e-cigarettes come with nowhere near the same risks for their users. As a result, the Royal College of Physicians sees them as a convenient substitute for cigarettes, which can be used to wean cigarette smokers off of their old habits so as to benefit them as well as the people around them through the elimination of secondhand smoke.

Furthermore, the Royal College of Physicians has acknowledged some of the arguments used against e-cigarettes, but for the most part, has found them to be overblown. For example, it acknowledged the potential for long-term use of nicotine to do harm, but argued that said effects were much less severe than the effects of cigarette smoke over the same period of time, meaning that e-cigarettes did significantly less harm than its counterpart. Similarly, it acknowledged concerns that e-cigarettes would increase more people to become cigarette smokers, but dismissed them by citing studies showing that e-cigarettes have actually been enormously useful for people who wanted to stop smoking cigarettes.

Overall, the Royal College of Physicians' report was balanced and even-handed, having used studies that supported both sides of the e-cigarettes debate. However, it is this impartiality that has made its assessment all the more powerful, particularly when that is added on to its centuries' worth of credibility from acting to promote public well-being.

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