California Raises the Minimum Age For Vaping to 21

Posted by Michael Ross on 11 Jun 2016

California Raises the Minimum Age For Vaping to 21

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Recently, California passed a new law that bans individuals who are under the age of 21 from being able to purchase tobacco, smoking or vaping products. With this new law going into effect on June 9, 2016, many individuals are having mixed feelings over how the law is going to change the way things are right now for people in the area.

Many feel that this new legislation isn't going to do anything to stop someone who is determined to use traditional cigarettes, hookahs or e-cigarettes. They feel that someone who has been smoking all along is going to continue doing so, regardless of whether they are the minimum age or not. Other individuals feel that upping the minimum age for smoking might be exactly the thing that could help prevent younger individuals from taking up the habit in the first place. Many people have said that they started getting into smoking when they hit 18. However, that isn't the case with everyone. There is no certain time as to when an individual is going to start smoking or not. People start at all different ages.

Even still, that doesn't stop people from voicing their opinion on the matter. In fact, many people are extremely adamant in their thought that smoking causes problems with brain development. They feel that when you start smoking at an early age, your brain isn't developed enough to really know if you want to smoke or not. They feel that you aren't making a very informed decision about what smoking entails.

While they didn't use to be, e-cigarettes are now deemed a tobacco product and are banned from public transit, restaurants, work sites and any number of other places where smoking isn't allowed. Vaping devices, accessories and flavored e-liquids cannot be sold in self-service displays. These displays were attributed to 217,000 individuals between 12 and 17 years of age taking up smoking traditional cigarettes or even vaping. California was only the second state to raise the age to 21 in an attempt to minimize the number of people who are into vaping or smoking, coming behind only Hawaii. However, this law doesn't apply to military personnel who are active-duty.

The new changes that went into effect are all included with a package about the tobacco-related legislation that was signed by Governor Jerry Brown in May. Because of this law, e-cigarettes are now prohibited from being used in any public venue. While some are excited about this new change to vaping laws, that isn't the case for everyone. Vaping users who are underage aren't exactly thrilled about the changes and what it means for them.

Even though the laws were put into place to prevent the new generations from getting addicted to smoking, teens are going to do what they want when it comes to making the decision to smoke or not. Just because the products are more restricted, that doesn't mean a teen isn't going to be able to find some way to purchase the product if they really want it. The law is so strict that individuals who are caught smoking and aren't at least 21 years of age could be facing a hefty fine and possible misdemeanor charges.

These regulations are hitting retailers quite hard in that the manner in which they are able to sell their products has changed significantly. Even if a teen cannot purchase the products on their own, they probably know someone who is old enough to purchase the products for them. This means that what they think is going to benefit teens isn't exactly the case.