​E-Liquid Delivery Options: Atomizer vs. Cartomizer vs. Clearomizer

Posted by Rafi Chowdhury on 2 Jul 2016

​E-Liquid Delivery Options: Atomizer vs. Cartomizer vs. Clearomizer

An e-cigarette heats up liquid nicotine (e-liquid or smoke juice) and converts it into vapor so you can inhale it just like traditional tobacco smoke. Typically, an e-cig delivers liquid to the heating element via an atomizer, cartomizer or clearomizer. Although these components share some similarities and serve the same basic function, each has it’s own unique qualities that appeal to different types of electronic cigarette users.

Atomizers are the most basic and primitive e-liquid delivery option, atomizers are a vital component in both cartomizers and clearomizers, but by itself, an “atty” is used by dedicated vaping enthusiasts for “dripping.” Although there are a wide variety of atomizer designs, they typically consist of a wick that soaks up e-liquid and funnels it to the heating coil. The coil is generally a short piece of resistance wire wrapped around the wicking material. On top of the coil/wick is a mesh bridge, which helps regulate the amount of e-liquid that reaches the wick, and the coil.

Unlike cartomizers and clearomizers, which hold several milliliters of e-juice at a time, an atomizer (by itself) does not store e-liquid. When using a rebuildable or “dripping” atomizer, a user must drip 3-5 drops of e-liquid on the wick before each use, which results in outstanding flavor and vapor production, but limits the device’s operation to just a few puffs. After just a few draws the user must re-wet the wick to prevent burning the wicking material or destroying the coil. For those looking for the absolute best flavor and performance, dripping is the way to go! But for the average user, it’s certainly not the most convenient or realistic option.

Dissimilar to an atomizer, cartomizers permit you to convey extra e-fluid for normal, long haul use without the need to always dribble or wet the coil. Consolidating an atomizer and a cartridge, a "cartomizer" incorporates a coil that warms up and vaporizes e-fluid, however it's encompassed by a round and hollow tank loaded with polyfill material that stores and conveys it as required.

Cartomizers are normally found on smaller than normal, cig-a-like items, yet they can likewise be utilized on bigger gadgets, or joined with tanks to give large e-juice limit. Some cartos use level coils, which are the most like dribbling since they incorporate a wick supplied by the polyfill, while the most widely recognized sort of cartomizer has a vertical loop where the warming component is supplied straightforwardly from the polyfill; without a wick.

Cartomizers have a huge point of preference over dribbling atomizers since they don't need to be always refilled, but since the polyfill can get to be tainted with development, they should be cleaned frequently, particularly when exchanging flavors. On account of this development, they may not perform entirely also or taste as fresh as an atomizer, yet they're modest and simple to supplant when fundamental.

On a basic level cartomizers and clearomizers are very similar, with an atomizer at the core and a tank that holds the e-liquid. As you probably guessed from the name, clearomizers are clear, constructed with plastic or pyrex glass, but rather than using polyfill material to deliver the e-juice to the coil, clearomizers use wicks. Because they lack the polyfill material they tend to deliver cleaner, more natural flavors, and users can visually monitor their e-liquid levels as they go.

Not only are they easy to refill and clean, but clearomizers can hold a ton of e-liquid up to 6.0ml! Depending on how much you vape, a single tank can easily last throughout the day (or longer) without any need to top off.

Clearomizers are relatively new to the market but have quickly become the most popular choice for vapers because of their outstanding flexibility and performance. There are a wide variety of different styles, designs and manufacturers, each with their own unique qualities and features.

Clearomizers are offered in either top or base loop plans. A top loop has it's coil put close to the mouthpiece, bringing about a hotter vapor, however with longer wicks that may get to be dry as the e-fluid level drops, once in a while obliging you to tip your gadget to keep them submerged. A base loop has the coil situated towards the battery end, with shorter wicks that stay submerged longer and perform all the more reliably, however delivering vapor that has a tendency to be cooler. Despite the fact that there is by all accounts an inclination towards base loop outlines nowadays, there are aficionados on both finishes of the range with solid individual inclinations, one way or the other.

To befuddle things much further, atomizers, cartomizers and clearomizers can have one – or different coils. Initially, single loop plans were the main choice accessible, yet nowadays double and even triple curl gadgets are pretty much as basic. When all is said in done, more coils mean more smoking, thicker vapor, however different variables, for example, resistance and voltage can likewise have an effect. With all different components being equivalent, more coils for the most part deliver more vapor and more grounded throat hit, particularly in higher voltage gadgets, yet battery life will be decreased and you'll smolder through e-fluid much speedier. Indeed, even probably the most experienced vapers lean toward single coil gadgets, so there's no unmistakable victor in this classification. It truly relies on upon your own inclinations and your gadget, so some experimentation might be important.

In case you're new to vaping, you'll without a doubt begin off with either cartomizer or clearomizer. Most smaller than expected, cig-a-like items incorporate dispensable cartomizers, which are to a great degree moderate and simple to use. On the off chance that you pick a bigger medium size Ego or vape pen, a fundamental single or double coil clearomizer is regularly included, which is an astounding approach to increase some experience filling and cleaning tanks.

As you vape, you'll have the capacity to try different things with various sorts of gadgets and setups, refining your inclinations and moving towards higher-quality rigging. There are faithful devotees of every sort of conveyance alternative, yet clearomizers have turned out to be to a great degree prevalent due to their adaptability and usability. What's more, in the course of recent years, sub-ohm tanks has taken them to a radical new level.

Some vapers still incline toward cartomizers for their ease and straightforwardness, while probably the most committed "perfectionists" dribble with rebuildable trickle atomizers (RDAs). Regularly excessively complex for novices and not almost as advantageous as cartos or clearos, RDAs offer the most perfectly awesome flavor and vapor creation.