How Could Synthetic Nicotine Change Vaping?

Posted by Michael Ross on 29 Jun 2016

How Could Synthetic Nicotine Change Vaping?

What Is Synthetic Nicotine?

As stated in its name, synthetic nicotine is nicotine that was created in the labs rather than cultivated as the single most important part of the tobacco plant. Otherwise, it is the same chemical as its natural counterpart. Synthetic nicotine is not a new product, as shown by its use in nicotine patches, but it is interesting in that some people have started becoming interested in its potential use for vaping liquid.

What Are the Potential Benefits of Synthetic Nicotine?

Here are some of the potential benefits that could be had by using synthetic nicotine in vaping liquid:

  • Synthetic nicotine has no flavor whatsoever. In contrast, natural nicotine that has been extracted from the tobacco plant retains some of that flavor. This is problematic because said flavor has to be masked using other stronger flavors, making it no coincidence that such a high percentage of vaping liquids have a strong taste of sweetness to them. By using synthetic nicotine rather than its natural counterpart, the creators of vaping liquids free themselves of this constraint, thus enabling them to create an even wider range of flavors for an even wider range of vapers.
  • Tobacco has a bad reputation all around the world for understandable reasons. After all, burning tobacco results in tobacco smoke, which contains numerous chemicals that can be harmful for the smoker as well as the people in their surroundings. However, this is problematic because this reputation clings to e-cigarettes even though no tobacco smoke is emitted through their use, thus resulting in an unfair and inaccurate impression among members of the general public. Since they are tobacco-free, synthetic nicotine could be a chance for vapers as well as vaping companies to make a reputation of their own rather than be tarnished by association with their predecessors.
  • Finally, it is interesting to note that a switch from natural nicotine to synthetic nicotine could be beneficial for the environment, which in turn, means that it could be beneficial for not just vapers but also non-vapers. In main, this is because tobacco plants come with a host of horrendous consequences for the environments in which they are grown. First, tobacco farming means the loss of woodland in its surroundings, both because the land has to be cleared for the tobacco plants and because the wood has to be harvested for the sake of curing tobacco leaves into a useful form. Second, tobacco farming leaches the nutrients from the soil, meaning that it needs enormous amounts of fertilizer to sustain it. Third, tobacco farming is susceptible to insects as well as other potential pests because it is a monoculture, meaning that it needs enormous amounts of pesticides to protect the crops. Combined, these three factors mean that tobacco farming creates an enormous burden on the environment even before factoring in the waste generated by manufacturing as well as the littering of cigarette butts. If synthetic nicotine can become more and more successful in the future, it will also make it easier and easier to protect the environment, which in turn, meaning happier and healthier lives for all people all around the world.

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