New York City: Vaping Users Are Increasing

Posted by Ashley Evans on 15 Jul 2016

New York City: Vaping Users Are Increasing

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As totalitarian as many people may think New York City may be, New York is relaxed when it comes to regulations and laws surrounding electric cigarettes. In January 2016, a New York judge has deemed vapors as a non-public health concern. Even though many private businesses may ban electronic cigarettes, they are not necessarily banned in all the same places as tobacco products, giving a bit of leeway for vaping enthusiasts. The court decision has noted that electronic cigarettes do not burn or emit tobacco, instead utilizing vaporized e- liquids consisting of a glycol and water base, with traces of nicotine. New York specifies "smoking" as burning a pipe or related matter which contains tobacco. Typical vapors and electronic cigarettes do not fall under this distinction.

More people in New York City are Taking Up Vaping

Almost half a million of New York all adults have used e-cigarettes, according to a study by the city's health department. Interestingly enough, while the use of electronic cigarettes and vaping products have skyrocketed, the use of tobacco products have substantially decreased. About 40 percent of New Yorkers between the age of 18 and 24 reported having used electronic cigarettes over the past year. 11 percent of people between the age of 25 and 44 have also reported to the survey, noting that they have also used electronic cigarettes. Overall, about 8 percent of all New Yorkers have used an electronic cigarette or vaping product at one time or other in the past year.

New York City is made out of five boroughs, housing about 8.4 million people. The majority of electronic cigarette smokers in New York City hail from Staten Island. Specifically, the North Shore area in Staten Island tends to have the highest concentration of electronic cigarette enthusiasts. Bensonhurst in Brooklyn follows closely. Together, they make up 14% of adult electronic cigarette smokers.

New York City legislators are endlessly debating the safety of electronic cigarettes. However, time after time studies has shown that e-cigarettes are generally less harmful than their tobacco counterparts. One of the only long-standing safety concerns when it comes to electronic cigarettes are the battery. There have been reported cases where batteries melt or just explode when in use. This has caused the FDA and politicians to rush to create sanctions for electronic cigarette users and shops, even crippling whole industries. However, as long as you take care of the lithium battery in your electronic cigarette and vapors, as well as buy products from reputable businesses, then you mitigate any risks.

New York City seems at the forefront of the electronic cigarette industry, sympathizing with the to users without creating unreasonably strict laws regarding the past time. Even though many city health officials in New York City think that electronic cigarettes may be a cause of concern, it is generally safer to people's health and to the environment.