Safety and Vaping: Battery Maintenance

Posted by Michael Ross on 16 Jun 2016

Safety and Vaping: Battery Maintenance

There have been recent incidents with vape enthusiasts injuring themselves with their vapes and e-cigarettes, resulting in the feds and the United States Fire Administration to launch an investigation. Even though e-cigarettes and vapes are viable alternatives to traditional cigarettes, irresponsibility is causing the feds to enact legislation. Do your piece by making sure that you are using e-cigarettes and vapes correctly – this is to not only ensure your health and safety, but also to mitigate stereotypes that have been marring the vape community.

Take Care of the Battery in Your Vape's and E-Cigarettes

Most of your favorite e-cigarettes are powered by a lithium battery. These batteries allow you to recharge them hundreds of times without compromising its capacity. They are the key component that allows you to enjoy your e-cigarette without constantly charging it. However, it is also the source of most injuries and fires. Even though lithium batteries are relatively safe, with the risk of it failing to be one in a million, it is the cylinder style and designs of e-cigarettes that increases its risk of causing the lithium battery to fail and cause injury. If the lithium battery in the e-cigarette fails, the pressure quickly builds in its cylinder structure. However, there are maintenance tips to prevent overheating problems.

  • Heat and lithium batteries do not go together. Many heating problems stem from improper use of USB ports and charging cycles. To circumvent overcharging and subsequent heating problems, exclusively use manufacturer approved chargers and cords. Using nonapproved adapters and chargers can cause the battery to experience a higher voltage, lending for overheating and increasing the risk of thermal runaway. The thermal runaway can cause a battery to melt at worst, but usually, it will cause the battery to disintegrate over time. This will cause the battery to lose its capacity.
  • Buy from reputable suppliers. Even though handmade mods can be visually impressive, there many electrical components and circuits that can cause overheating, increasing the potential for fires. Also, you run the risk of custom mods using counterfeit or poorly manufactured batteries.
  • Make sure that you maintain the health of your battery by cleaning it and removing gunk from its contact points. When not in use, turn the battery completely off or remove it altogether. Also, make sure that you do not over tighten the battery to the clear body of the e-cigarette. Additionally, do not be afraid to get a new battery or component if you suspect damage.

Remember, not all battery fires can be prevented. It is important that you stay cognizant of certain brands that might have recalls due to manufacturing issues. Make sure to only use quality e-liquids with your vapes and e-cigarettes.