Subtle Benefits of Vaping Compared to Traditional Cigarettes

Posted by Michael White on 20 Jul 2016

Subtle Benefits of Vaping Compared to Traditional Cigarettes

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Many of the people who start vaping in the first place were already tobacco users. There are people who start vaping right away, of course. Some teenagers are coming of age in a world that has vaping. However, vaping is new to previous generations of smokers. These people are able to get some real perspective on all of the reasons why vaping has made their lives as smokers better. Some of the benefits of vaping and using e liquid e juice drip juice are obvious. However, the people who really get into the vaping lifestyle are able to make it clear that it has a lot of benefits that are not entirely intuitive.

1. Vaping is sanitary.

When some people criticize traditional smoking, they don't bring up the health risks. They just bring up the fact that smokers tend to leave ash residue, empty cigarette packets, and old cigarette butts wherever they go, staining carpets, ceilings, and their own clothing in the process. These people are going to be relieved to find that their guests prefer vaping. The vapor produced by e liquid is gone without a trace and using e-cigarettes doesn't produce excess garbage.

2. Vaping offers variety.

Traditional tobacco gives people the opportunity to try menthol cigarettes and a few other flavors, but that's about it. With vaping, people get so many different flavors that the experience of vaping is different nearly every single time they try it. The artisan liquid flavors alone can keep the connoisseurs of vaping busy for years, and there are even more e liquid flavors than that. After people have tried Blackberry Cobbler e liquid, it is hard to go back to plain menthol cigarettes.

3. Less expense.

Even in a world of rising taxes on everything related to cigarettes, people are still going to spend less on e liquid than they will on traditional cigarettes. E liquid and e juice just lasts a lot longer. Even the accessories that people will need with their drip juice will last a lot longer than cigarette lighters. Vaping is like a high-tech solution to a lot of the problems associated with traditional cigarettes, and like a lot of high-tech solutions, it involves creative ways of cutting costs.

4. Exciting new vaping community.

Cigarette smoking is centuries old by this point. It became so mainstream at one point that there really isn't much of a subculture for it anymore. This is not the case with vaping. People can get together in order to discuss flavors of e liquid and e juice. They can bond over shared vaping techniques. Vaping is becoming more mainstream, and one way or another, people can make friends through being involved with the vaping community.

5. Feeling better.

Lots of people who switch to vaping report that they feel a lot better, and it's hard to even quantify the benefits of something like that. Vaping enthusiasts don't have tar stained hands, they don't go through the same highs and lows of traditional cigarette users, and they don't get that old familiar heaviness in their lungs. Vaping gives people all of the benefits of traditional cigarettes: vaping will wake you up and calm you down at the same time somehow. Except, vaping will do this without causing people to regret it later.