Vaping Conspiracies: Separating The Truth From The Hate

Posted by Michael Ross on 13 Jul 2016

Vaping Conspiracies: Separating The Truth From The Hate

Here are the facts when it comes to vaping and e-cigarettes. When used correctly and with other forms of rehabilitation, E-cigarettes can be effective in stopping not only the habit of smoking, but also the proliferation of relapse. Many people who smoke do it out of habit. Muscle memory and a feedback loop mentally encourage many smokers to find comfort in picking up a stick, lifting it to their mouths and sucking on it. Former smokers find satisfaction in doing this action - but instead of a stick on nicotine, they use the benefits of e-liquids and vapes. Naturally, there is a correlation between those who partake in electronic cigarettes and a reduced risk of tobacco-related deaths. A study done by The Boston University of Public Health has examined that e-cigarettes are conclusively safer when it comes to mortality rates. And here is another burgeoning but irritating fact: The FDA has been rushing to set forth regulations to strangle the industry's creative process. Recent legislation are making it difficult for small businesses in the vaping and electronic cigarette industry to grow. Faulty regulations and subjective deadlines have already shut it out smaller businesses in the past couple of months.

Even though the electronic cigarette industry has grown into a multi-billion-dollar industry in a relatively short amount of time, there are still many conspiracy theories and prejudices plaguing not only smokers but the industry as a whole. Here are some of them.

The big bad tobacco industry killed the vaping industry. Even though there are regulations that are stifling the growth of industry, it is still growing. It is natural for bigger companies to try to cut the heads of any competition, but it is largely supported by false narratives. Actually, big tobacco is losing revenue not only from the vaping industries but also from a cultural shift swinging away from tobacco products.

How about tobacco controlled lobbies killing e-cigarettes? This is a theory that cannot be approved or disapproved. But if you believe the concept of having major health organizations grappling with a concept that they may deem a gray area has allowed these organizations to bully the electronic cigarette industry into a corner - then you may be on to something. Some medical organizations are so accustomed to being the quintessential white knights of public health that they are not even willing to accept the proposed benefits of electronic cigarette smoking. In the midst of this moral confusion, many people who vape feel like their pleas and contribution to the conversation are being ignored. This conspiracy theory is worse than corporate tobacco industries trying to cut off the heads of the electric cigarette industry – they are health puritans that seek to reaffirm their own moral high ground, with the cost of having the vape industry being something akin to a punching bag in the process.

What Can You Do to Make Sure That the Electronic Cigarette Industry Survives?

Support push back and the state legislators that are noticing how monopolies are pushing small electronic cigarette businesses into extinction. Also, do your part to contribute to the conversation by writing and calling up state branches. And while you're at it, make it a habit to visit your local Vape shop and support their business in solidarity. Money is what talks nowadays, so invest your money in causes and businesses that you support.