Vaping vs. Smoking: Which One Is Better For You?

Posted by Michael Ross on 23 Jun 2016

Vaping vs. Smoking: Which One Is Better For You?

You might not realize it, but tobacco kills around six million people each year. However, that doesn't stop people from going to the store and buying traditional cigarettes. Countless younger individuals end up taking up smoking each year. In fact, smoking is the number one cause of premature death and illness in people around the world. It doesn't matter what the public health officials have to say about the matter. People are going to continue doing what they want when it comes to smoking.

Even though there are age restrictions in place and you aren't allowed to smoke in a number of public places, that doesn't stop people from buying traditional cigarettes and starting the new habit. In poorer countries, the situation is worse than what it is elsewhere. In underdeveloped countries, the amount of support out there to help people quit smoking is limited. Tobacco control policies are also far laxer than what they are in other countries. With that being said, e-cigarettes are increasing in popularity as well.

An e-cigarette delivers a hit of nicotine by heating the e-liquid until it forms an aerosol that the user inhales. This aerosol is often referred to as vapor. When you think about it, these e-cigarettes deliver close to the same amount of nicotine as that of a conventional cigarette. The main difference is that these e-cigarettes don't contain all of the harmful chemicals that are found in tobacco. Tobacco itself is what causes a number of health problems and causes people to pass away.

There is a whole new culture emerging around vaping. With all of the devices on the market today, you can choose what type of unit is going to work the best for your particular needs and wants. These devices have different power settings on them, so you can control the amount of vapor that comes out. There are also an assortment of different e-liquids out there, so you can control the flavor and choose one that you like the best. If one doesn't taste the way you like, you can switch to another liquid quickly and easily.

With so many people trying to cut down on their smoking or give it up entirely, it seems that more and more individuals are turning to vaping as a viable alternative to help them along the way. This wasn't something that the tobacco industry ever planned for, which leaves them struggling to find a way to get more people to purchase traditional cigarettes. With e-cigarettes being far less harmful to your health, there is no reason why you should purchase something that is know to cause deadly health consequences. 

Health experts have conducted extensive research into e-cigarettes to prove that they are not as dangerous as a traditional cigarette. Because of more people going to e-cigarettes, .There has been credible studies that demonstrate vaping may be a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. If you are interested in cutting back on how much you smoke and want a lower risk way to give up the habit, you might want to look into vaping. It's a viable way to eliminate many of the harsh chemicals from your system while still giving you everything you want in a cigarette.