Whatcom County Looking to Ban Vaping in Bars and Restaurants

Posted by Stina Riner on 13 Aug 2016

Whatcom County Looking to Ban Vaping in Bars and Restaurants

Countless individuals love taking in a nice vape while enjoy a drink with their friends at the local bar. After all, what goes better than a delicious vape with a delectable Long Island Iced Tea or Bloody Mary? While this didn't use to be a problem, things are changing across Whatcom County. It might not be long before vaping in bars and restaurants could be banned. This September a proposal to ban all vapor products in certain locations is going before the City Council to determine the fate of these electronic cigarettes.

If the City Council ends up approving the proposal, the measure would take the current Smoking in Public Places Law and expand it to also include vaping. This means that the ban would end up applying to all of the different jurisdictions within Whatcom County. That also includes all of the different cities. This could end up making quite a few individuals upset to say the least.

This restriction would be placed on all e-cigarettes, or vaping. It would put vaping devices in the same type of category as that of a traditional cigarette. Traditional cigarettes aren't allowed to be used in public places, such as restaurants, bars, indoor workplaces, bowling alleys and non-tribal casinos. It would also prevent vaping within a 25-foot radius of any windows or doors of a public place. This is going to change the way vaping is viewed across the entire county, posing a major problem for those who have gotten used to being able to vape in a number of different places. After all, is vaping truly the same as that of traditional cigarettes?

Council members met on August 9th where they received information surrounding the issue of banning e-cigarettes. According to public health officials, the ban on these electronic devices is an absolute necessity based on reasons including health risks and the use of these devices by the younger generation. While some view the ban as a good thing, there are those who aren't so sure that it is the best idea for the county. Still, most of the residents do feel like this would be the best solution. Out of 613 responses, roughly 72 percent said that they were in favor of the ban in Whatcom County.

An e-cigarette is a plastic or metal battery-operated tube that contains a cartridge that is filled with your choice of e-liquid. The solvents, chemicals and flavoring are all heated up until they end up turning into a vapor, which the end use can then inhale. If the measure is approved, it would be the latest of all rules within the vaping industry. Back in November 2015, Bellingham banned vaping and smoking in trails, open spaces and city parks because of concern over the dangers of secondhand smoke.

According to a new law in Washington state, vaping products cannot be used in day care centers, schools, school buses and elevators. State enforcement is also working hard to make sure minors aren't allowed to purchase e-liquid. They are also requiring that the liquids be sold in child-proof packaging. The bottles also have to say how much nicotine is contained in the liquid nicotine bottles. This also gave the local health boards added power to restrict vaping inside, which is exactly what Whatcom County is asking for.

It is only a matter of time before things could change for residents of the county, which means that vaping could soon be coming to an end and force vape users to find somewhere else to use their products. The only hope is that the ban doesn't go into effect.