Australia's 60-Second Vaping Law: No Wonder People Are Confused

Posted by Stina Riner on 4 Jun 2017

Australia's 60-Second Vaping Law: No Wonder People Are Confused

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When a law takes place, you typically expect it to last for a little bit of a time. You don’t expect the laws to change in a matter of days, weeks or even months. But, this law didn’t even last that long for people in Australia. Within a matter of just 60-seconds, the Federal Government in Australia not only declared it was going to stand by its ban on all vaping products, but it also announced that they were going to have a parliamentary inquiry looking at reviewing the ban. This inquiry is going to be led by one of their own MPs.

Talk about a way to confuse the heck out of people. One minute you are being told one thing and the next things are completely different. This double-act comes after the Prime Minister was begged in writing by 100+ international experts to reverse the current prohibition on all nicotine e-cigarettes. For many, they believe that making the switch to these devices over a traditional cigarette is what saved their life and allows them to be here today. Australia has about 2.6M people who smoke traditional cigarettes. Roughly two-thirds of those individuals will end up passing away from smoking.

If they were to make the switch to electronic cigarettes, they would be doing themselves a favor. In fact, by having every Australian who smokes make the switch to electronic cigarettes, it could end up saving 1M+ lives. That’s a lot of people who could still be around 20, 30 or even 40 years from now simply by making one change in their life. Smoking costs the country anywhere from $12B to as much as $30B annually in healthcare costs and lost productivity in the workplace due to premature death or illness.

By allowing people to use e-cigarettes, it could help save countless lives and billions in rising costs. Seems like the logical thing to do would be to allow people to use these products and reap the benefits along the way. Yet, any electronic cigarette containing nicotine is illegal in the country. This ruling came from the Therapeutic Goods Administration who believe that even a small amount of nicotine makes that product a poison. Even though the US, UK, European Nation and New Zealand have moved to legalize these products as a way to save lives, Australia is looking at things a little differently.

Yet, nicotine-laced cigarettes that have cancer-causing carcinogens in them can be found at every supermarket or convenience store in the entire country. While something that could help people out and eliminate the unnecessary deaths, is banned and prevented from being sold. It makes no sense. Why allow people to come in and purchase an item that has been linked to thousands of deaths be available over the counter when something that could help isn’t? The only hope is that the inquiry can change things around and allow individuals to have the choice to switch to e-cigarettes and step away from the traditional cigarettes available today.