Could President Trump Save the Vaping Industry?

Could President Trump Save the Vaping Industry?

Posted by Stina Riner on 13 Apr 2017

Whether you use vaping products or e-liquids or not, you have probably heard all about the vaping industry and the changes that are occurring. Many store owners had to close their doors because of the new rules and regulations being imposed. While some are fighting to stay afloat, others are fighting back in an effort to try and get something done. The vape industry is going to continue pressing on the Trump administration, the Food and Drug Administration and Congress in the hopes that they can get them to back off some of the crazy regulations that were announced just last year.

According to the provision, it says that all vape products dating back to 2007 will have to undergo an extensive application process that could cost an average of $1 million for companies everywhere starting as early as 2018. That fee could end up being the death sentence for a vaping industry that is worth $10 billion. With so much at stake, vape owners are hoping for something positive to come out of this whole debacle. Because so many people are involved in the vape culture, it has caused countless little mom-and-pop stores to open up around the country to sell their products. However, there is a major debate involving the health warnings that health officials issued surrounding electronic cigarettes.

Many critics feel that the vaping industry in general is aimed at bringing in the younger generation. They figure that all of the candy, dessert and fruit flavors are a good way to bring in the 18, 19 or 20-year-olds who want something delicious to enjoy with all of their friends. However, that isn’t the main reason why vape store owners introduced these flavors in the first place. It was more of an opportunity to give the end-user a flavor that they can enjoy to help them kick their smoking habit to the curb. In fact, many have used vaping products to start taking control of their health once and for all.

When President Trump first got elected, there was a lot of resentment over regulations in both the US and the vaping community. If President Trump steps in and is able to get something done, it could end up saving 100,000+ jobs. With so many people having lost their jobs over the years, it is more important than ever that something gets done in the near future. Otherwise, it could spell even more disaster for thousands of individuals.

Thankfully, there is a lot of hope on the horizon. A US Representative from Wisconsin, Ron Johnson – Republican, recently sent a letter over to the Vice President Mike Pence talking about how to change the vaping industry. The vaping industry is working hard to gather signatures so that they can present them to Tom Price, Trump’s Health Secretary, to ask him to suspend the current FDA regulations. If these supporters can get the current administration to help, it could bring about major change for the vaping industry and users everywhere.