Enjoy Glow and Vape Night Once a Week in Winnipeg

Enjoy Glow and Vape Night Once a Week in Winnipeg

Posted by Stina Riner on 4 May 2017

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For months, all you have heard about is that you aren’t allowed to vape inside any number of different places. This has left many e-cigarette users struggling to figure out where they can vape without getting in trouble and being hit with a hefty fine. Now, a local business is opening up their establishment to people who vape. During the warm, summer months, you can enjoy heading into a local Winnipeg bowling alley one night each week to partake in their Glow and Vape event.

Beginning on May 3rd, Roxy Bowling Lanes will host their weekly event starting at 6pm and running through 10pm. This rock and roll bowling alley decided to start their event because a young woman entered the establishment and asked if they would be interested in doing something for the vaping community. It was only a couple of days before the owners decided to give the event a shot. They figure it gives vape users a place to go and enjoy spending time for the evening. With 168 hours during the week, they figured that four hours isn’t that big of a deal. Yet, it is doing something nice for individuals in the community.

As of right now, the owners aren’t breaking any laws by letting these individuals come inside and vape. There aren’t any solid rules in place prohibiting the event, so she figures she will run with it. In the past, the owner hosted other vape parties. They always went off without a hitch and countless people enjoyed attending, so this is a chance to let people let loose. Not to mention, the smoke only lasts for a few minutes after everyone leaves.

The members of the vaping community in Winnipeg are excited about the coming event. They have been fighting for something like this for quite some time, so it feels like something is going in the right direction. According to the Non-Smokers Health Protection Amendment Act, all e-cigarettes will be prohibited inside of a public place. However, that hasn’t taken effect just yet. Because of that, this vape event isn’t illegal.

According to a lab tech at Fat Panda, there isn’t any evidence that suggests that vaping is going to negatively impact someone’s health, especially when there isn’t any nicotine in it. E-juice without the nicotine added is almost like a miniature fog machine according to Philippe Bouchard. While there is no way to know when the event will be halted, for now, it is a night where members of the vaping community can gather together and enjoy bowling with their friends and family while they take in their favorite vape. If you are looking for something to do, head out and enjoy the Glow and Vape event this summer.

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