House Bill Could Exempt E-Cigarettes from Stringent Tobacco Regulations

House Bill Could Exempt E-Cigarettes from Stringent Tobacco Regulations

Posted by Stina Riner on 28 Apr 2017

Thunderhead Regulations

For quite some time, vaping manufacturers have fought to eliminate the stringent regulations being imposed on them. The lawmakers were attempting to classing vaping products and e-liquids in the same category as that of traditional tobacco products. But, that isn’t anywhere near the case. The two items aren’t even related to one another. After all of the fighting, it could end up paying off for the vaping industry. A new bill that is expected to hit this week in the House of Representatives could end up weakening the FDA rules that govern vaping products. If that happens it would be a huge victory for the gigantic $4.4B industry.

If this bill passes, it would end up reversing the Deeming Rule imposed by the Obama Administration. That rule deems that e-cigarettes are the same thing as traditional cigarettes. However, that isn’t the case. The e-cigarette heats up the nicotine-laced liquid and turns it into vapor. But, these products don’t contain tobacco like a traditional cigarette does.

California Republican Representative Duncan Hunter has imposed a bill that would end up exempting all of the vaping devices from these crazy rules. It would include a requirement stipulating all new products have to be authorized and reviewed by the FDA prior to being eligible for sale. The e-cigarette makers don’t agree with this process and feel that it is going to cost far too much money. They believe that it would prevent new products from being able to enter the market.

This new bill seeks to add to the legislative and legal efforts of the vaping and tobacco companies in an attempt to eliminate the FDA ruling as it stands now. Unfortunately, there is no way to know how much support the new bill is going to get. Still, it is better than the ruling as it stands now with traditional cigarettes and vaping products being lumped together under the same umbrella.

This new move is making headway as the Trump Administration is looking to cut regulations and Congress is set to confirm Dr. Scott Gottlieb as the head of the FDA. Gottlieb once held a financial interest in a vape shop and believes that they might be a good alternative to smoking for many individuals.

There is also a separate plan from Democrat Sanford Bishop (GA) and Republican Tom Cole (OK) that could help exempt numerous vaping devices that are waiting for the FDA to approve them. This proposal is expected to be included with the spending plan as a rider, which might be voted on this week. With that being said, it is only a matter of time before we know if things are going to be turned around for the better or not. Time will tell, but there might be hope on the horizon yet.