New York Democrats Lost Big on Recent Vaping Laws

New York Democrats Lost Big on Recent Vaping Laws

Posted by Stina Riner on 20 Apr 2017

It seems like one law after another is entering the market in an attempt to regulate the vaping industry. That doesn’t seem like it is going to change anytime soon either. You never know who is going to push for some other law to be passed regulating the vaping industry. Recently, the Democrats were pushing for new restrictions and taxes on the vaping industry. Thankfully, that push was defeated in New York just this last weekend. Lawmakers ended up stripping all of the new vaping rules out of the state budget right before passing some of the bill.

Governor Cuomo is the one who proposed expanding the state ban on vaping in areas such as restaurants, offices and other public indoor spaces. This ban ended up gaining traction from both bodies of state legislature back in March. These individuals also backed the 10-cents-per-milliliter tax imposed on all liquid nicotine products as part of the current $163 billion budget. While the budget did end up passing through this past Sunday, the same can’t be said about all of the vaping provisions.

While it isn’t exactly clear why lawmakers ended up decided to eliminate all of the crazy vaping provisions from the bill, it is definitely a good thing for vape store owners that they did. The bans and taxes could have ended up wiping out the vaping industry in New York, leaving many struggling to start over. The president of the New York Vapor Association is extremely pleased and happy that the state stepped back from the regulations that they were once talking about imposing.

Regulators are still trying to govern vaping the same way as that of traditional cigarettes, but that isn’t the case in other countries. If you were to go to the United Kingdom, vaping products are marketed as the better alternative to smoking and designed to help people quit. In fact, over half of all smokers in the UK ended up quitting in 2015 alone. That’s the largest number since back in 1974. Health officials claim this is because of vaping products and people choosing them as the alternative over smoking traditional cigarettes.

If the health officials here looked at things the way they do in the UK, it might not be as crazy as it is today with all of the laws and regulations. It might not ever get to a point where they stop trying to regulate the industry, but that doesn’t mean vape store owners should stop fighting. Even though some might use the products to stop smoking, that doesn’t mean everyone does. Still does that mean that these products should be regulated the same way as a traditional cigarette? At least the legislators in New York didn’t get what they wanted this past weekend, which is a huge win for vape store owners. There is already enough going on in the vaping industry today without throwing even more regulations into the mix.