Safety and Your Vapes Battery

Posted by Michael Ross on 13 Jun 2017

Safety and Your Vapes Battery

There have been many episodes with vape lovers being harmed with their vapes, bringing about the attention of the feds and United States Fire Administration to do a full incident examination. Despite the fact that vape configurations are virtually limitless in options by the way of custom builds. Reports of injuries from battery misuse is much lower than that of consumer cell phones or laptops. This perceived unreliability in vaporizers is driving the feds into taking some action.

So, how to deal with the batteries in your mod?

The power source of your vape is one or more lithium batteries. And powerful they are. One can revive these batteries many times without trading off its ability to output power. They are a key part that enables you to make the most of your mod without always being concerned about charging. Be that as it may, it is also a wellspring of potential wounds and flames. Despite the fact that lithium batteries are moderately protected by a metal casing, there is a real danger from crushing. Should the lithium battery be subject to external forces great enough to compromise the barrel structure. The results could be a catastrophe.

Getting too hot is another concern for lithium batteries. Many overheating issues come from the unfortunate chose of utilizing USB ports and charging devices that are not approved for that use. Always use the correct charger for the type of battery being charged. This will make the battery perform at it's best and help ensure your safety.

Purchase from respectable providers. Despite the fact that carefully assembled mods can be outwardly great, there are numerous electrical segments and circuits that can cause overheating, expanding the potential for flames. Likewise, you build your own custom mods. Know what you're doing before apply voltage. If you don't know ohms law, learn it. 

Keep up the integrity of your battery in mind. The wrap should be intact and no with no bare metal showing. And take to clean and remove any gunk from its contact points. If the physical structure doesn't seem right, don't hesitant to get another battery or have yours inspect by a pro. 

Keep in mind, not all battery failures can be avoided. It is important that you remain aware of specific things that may be able to prevent common issues. Make a point to just use good quality batteries and e-juice with your mod.