Vapor is Winning With the FDA Delt a Serious Blow By Congress!

Posted by Minny Dastic on 24 Jun 2017

Vapor is Winning With the FDA Delt a Serious Blow By Congress!

The Cigarette Smoking Reduction and Electronic Vapor Alternatives Act, Bill HR-2194, refutes the policy of the Food and Drug Administration

The bill  proposed be Representative Duncan Hunter of CA., would reverse the Obama administration's 'Deeming Rule' which deems vapor products to be tobacco, subject to the same restrictive regulations that are put on traditional cigarettes. Vapor devices heat a liquid into vapor and may have nicotine but do not contain any tobacco.

The proposed bill, was reviewed by Reuters, would exclude vapor devices from many of those rules, even the requirement that new product be submitted to the FDA for approval before being sold.  A process that can cost hundreds of dollars per item. Vape makers say the process is far too costly and would prevent smokers from gaining access to the products that could mitigate their risks.

The Midnight bill passed the House right along party lines, resulting in the vaping industry seemingly achieving the impossible – a completely legal exemption from the devastating FDA regulations that threaten to break apart the entire industry by 2018.